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What is the NDIS?

The Theory

We've watched the NDIS come from an idea to reality. We saw the system that it replaced, and we have worked on similar schemes in other countries. The NDIS is very unique, and Australia should be very proud of what it is trying to achieve. It brings the power back to participants to make decisions about their lives. It allows participants to make real choices about which providers they use. The NDIS refers to this as "choice and control." It even embraces the idea that spending a bit more money up front will result in better support outcomes and lower costs down the track.

In Practice

Many providers are finding it incredibly difficult to get used to. Rather than receive money up front to cover support over an extended period of time, providers now have to work continually and acknowledge that just like any other business, if their standards drop then, customers will leave them. 

Of course, any change like this is bound to be challenging on many levels. After all, how can the NDIS be responsible with money while still being responsive to peoples' needs? This is what "reasonable and necessary" is all about. Those 3 words govern much of how the NDIS works. 

You may have heard some sad stories, such as people having money taken away, or long waiting times for decisions, or even the NDIS computer system. One of our participants has Down's Syndrome. Her NDIS planner asked her if she got that from an accident. She walked out of the meeting.

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How to Manage

Yes, there's lots to learn, but the important thing is that people are slowly learning those lessons. We wish they could learn them faster, and we wish the NDIS always worked as it intended. There still some way to go. What's most important is to have someone on your side. Someone who knows the system, who understands its intricacy and can help you make the most of things. 

We don't pretend that the NDIS is easy. Neither do we pretend that we can make all the problems go away. But, what we do is make sure that questions are answered, that things are managed well and that you get the most from your plan. We can do the admin work for you, we can support you to make the decisions you need, moving you closer to living the life you deserve, without limitations. Navigating the NDIS is what we are all about.

What Should You Do?

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