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Lots of news and blog articles. This is a good place to see what we’re about and what makes us different from other NDIS service providers. With us, it’s personal.

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What does community mean?

For a few years, I had wondered what community was about and what it meant to me. How do we relate to each other at work, at rest, or in play? Do you know your neighbours? Would you be able to ask for their help if something went wrong? There is often a robust online community, but we also wanted to create something that you could see and touch.

That was part of why we started At The Corner. And in so doing we have discovered the hope that out there among us all is that real community. The community we need, something that deserves to be celebrated. The ingredient of people doing what they do so we are all the better for it.

Although At The Corner is an NDIS service provider, it wants to focus beyond disability by being the change it wants to see in the world.
— Councillor Robyn Preston

We won the Hills Shire Community award 2018 for our service to the community. The official title is the Community Contribution Award for Community Service. There are lots of cliches about doing what we love, doing things for others and so on. But really what it boils down to is doing what matters. It's damn hard work. We want to thank and congratulate our fellow awardees for their work in sport, education, environment, arts and business.

And perhaps we ask that you all celebrate with everyone by participating in what goes in. Be it singing, cycling, theatre, little athletics or whatever. It is happening near you and the people who provide things are award winning. Be part of your community, because the community is nothing without you.



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