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Lots of news and blog articles. This is a good place to see what we’re about and what makes us different from other NDIS service providers. With us, it’s personal.

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Be Part of Making Things Better

I’d like to set you a challenge. Think of something you feel passionately about and do something about it.

I know you may not be a government minister or a billionaire with money to give away. Even if you are neither of those things, the challenge stands.

We work in a space where decisions are made every day. Those decisions affect us directly, impact someone we love, change the nature of our work, and so on. And those decisions need to be as good as they possibly can be.

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One of the things that trouble us the most is that decisions are sometimes made well, but communicated poorly. In which case people stop and complain to each other, but nobody actually investigates to find out what’s happening beneath the surface. People waste time and energy complaining about something that doesn’t need complaining about. Alas, we waste so much time on that thing that we don’t move on and deal with the real stuff.

Disability is an emotive subject. The NDIS is a brave and exciting opportunity to do something great, that few countries have done before. There aren’t many MPs or policy makers with a disability, so it’s our job as a community to make it as good as it can be. Get involved with what’s going on.

You see, the nature of what we do is challenging. You have to believe in it, understand it, live it, love it. And that is the drive that will make you go forward and do something.

So, do you need to be a minister? No.

Do you need to be a billionaire? No.

Just be you. Believe in something. Find a way to contribute to the discussion and make it better. That’s our story, we hope it can be yours too.

Let's Talk About It

Don’t you ever wonder if there’s a better way? Why you get treated in some manner that completely misses the point? A provider who makes a promise, only to end up being just like everything else you ever tried?

We need to make progress, don’t we? But there are answers. Let’s talk about this.

I’m at the World Education Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Thank you airline points and flybuys for paying for the ticket.) This trip has been about investigating other ways of making progress in our lives. We’ll talk about those findings soon.

The trouble with the disability support industry is that it looks inwards for solutions, not outwards. Why don’t we think a bit more creatively and speak to the people who gave up on the system to have found their own better way? Why do big companies do things like design thinking to solve problems, but we do not? Why does everyone dance around the edges and avoid talking about the actual problem?

So enough questions. Let’s focus on moving forward and achieving some outcomes we can be proud of. There are decent people out there and good solutions. It’s about finding them with someone who gets it.

And so, we’re launching a series of videos. On all the things that we face as people with disabilities or carers. Don’t worry, the podcasts will continue too.

Let’s talk about those issues. No need to feel alone any more. We can do something about it.

About 12 months ago. I went to see my MP, David Elliott.

“No constituent ever talks to me about policy”.

Well, let’s get the discussion going. There’s a lot to talk about.

Maybe I need a bit of video practice… but let’s not let perfection get in the way of what we need to achieve. This is real life.