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NDIS Support Coordination

Coordination of support is about working with participants to build capacity and confidence to manage providers, read contracts, help achieve goals, negotiate and move forward.


We understand living with disability first-hand. 

What’s most important about choosing a good support coordinator?

It’s got to be finding people you can get on with, working with people who get to understand you and your needs. After all, nobody knows you like you!

We are an NDIS registered provider. We can work with you no matter whether you are NDIA managed, self-managed or plan managed.

We are 100% independent and objective.

We do not provide our own services in-house and have no conflict of interest. We ahelp people with a disability choose providers that are right for them.

Everyone in our team has their own personal lived experience with disability.

We started At The Corner because of our own experience as support worked, carers for people with disabilities and parents. And because of this, the words “capacity building” have very personal meaning to us. Our support coordination services are the type of supports that we would want to receive ourselves.

Everyone in our company also knows everyone else! So we have great experience and resources at our fingertips to help deal with any challenge, no matter what it is.

We will assist you to implement your plan. How?

  • Setting up the portal

  • Finding service providers

  • Helping you negotiate with providers and resolving problems

  • Work on signing service agreements

  • Managing referrals

  • Report to the NDIA on your plan’s progress.

We can also assist you to prepare for your next plan. 

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