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Episode 9 - Plan Management from the other side

I've read so many attempts to explain what plan management means. I've seen graphs, tables, paragraphs, 15 minute YouTube videos, documents and, of course, many photos of people in wheelchairs. Sometimes the best way of understanding what something is is to look at it from the other side. And that's what we're doing this week.

This is a view of plan management from the perspective of a provider. Don't forget, plan management is not just something for providers. It is something that everybody can do, should they wish to. But having it in the hands of a provider yields some interesting perspectives because we get to see across the entire story. For example, what kind of thing are people asking? What trends do we see? And what role should a plan manager take in doing their job?

One of the most important things that a plan manager should offer is providing advice, keeping things in good order but most importantly, not taking over the decisions of the participant. A plan manager should be about helping people to get ahead, rather than holding them back.

This short podcast reflects on all of that and a bit more. A teeny weeny bit longer than usual, but I think you will agree that the extra seconds make it worthwhile.

We've added a fresh new sound to our podcasts, hope you like it. It's a teeny-weeny bit longer than usual, but I think you'll agree that it's worthwhile.

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