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Podcasts on understanding the NDIS and disability

Our podcasts to explore some of the wonderful world of the NDIS and what it means for you, in everyday language, without jargon. They are short and sweet. Why not explore a subject today?

Episode 6 - Beyond Words

I searched on Google about creating something every day. There are 1.3 billion results with those words. Even beyond Google, my late grandmother told me that we should always try and create something every day. The obvious thing that comes to mind is of course creating a work of art. But it doesn’t have to be world-changing, and neither does it even have to be art. It could be cooking something, a great document, a way of engaging with kids, whatever.

We love art because it is can also embody a way of communicating that goes beyond barriers. It has a common language, a truly global language that is unique to us humans from all other living things. And more so, you can express art with all sorts of abilities. Even if you feel that you’re not so good with words, there is always art to set you free. There are people who cannot speak words, but they can draw art. At the Nepean Disability Expo, we even me a blind artist. Yes, it’s possible.

At Creativity Unleashed, many artists were showing their talents. Our very own Ovi was doing some yarn bombing, but there were also balloon artists, musical artists, fashion artists, knitting artists, painting artists, all sorts.

And remember that even if art is not your thing, it still offers something great - such as the chance to practice fine motor skills, learn about how colours affect our mood, discover ways to share ideas (a picture speaks 1000 words after all), being sociable and so much more,

Take a listen to the podcast and learn how Billy uses art to de-stress and express emotions. Psychologists aren’t always the answer. At The Corner, we’re always interested in finding a better way.

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