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Podcasts on understanding the NDIS and disability

Our podcasts to explore some of the wonderful world of the NDIS and what it means for you, in everyday language, without jargon. They are short and sweet. Why not explore a subject today?

Episode 4 - Being Creative - Why Limit Yourself?

We've seen our fair share of people playing with the word 'disability'. Our podcast episode 2 talked about the label that word brings and how we sometimes feel uncomfortable with it. After all, how can that one word summarise so many people, all with different situations and needs? The government thinks some things are 'disability' and other things are not. But does it matter what the dictionary says when what's most important is treating people as individuals, respecting them and taking account of their situation?

That's why we often fear that the word 'disability' is used by others to summarise their understanding of people - rather than we the community choosing it as a noun for ourselves.

So, this podcast is to celebrate people... all of us... what we stand for. Our creativity. Because creativity should not be limited by what people think we can do. And we should not allow ourselves to be defined in this way, because the moment we do that, that's the moment we might have to give up.

At the Nepean Disability Expo, we met a blind artist who used all sorts of implements to paint. And she was amazing! Many people say they "cannot draw", but imagine being unable to see! We're going to come back to art in a future episode but in the meantime sit back and enjoy.

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