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How does plan management work?

More than just managing your NDIS money. You need someone you can trust and ask questions, who knows about disability and who takes time to understand you.


How and where do you start with your plan?

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Plan Management lets you manage your NDIS funding. But what does it all mean?

You could manage services by yourself

Sometimes this is called self-managing your plan. With this path, you must find your own allowed services and keep your receipts. You access your plan funds by filling in the online forms on the NDIS portal every time you need to pay someone. On top of that, you must keep track of your budget and get used to moving money in and out of a bank account. You have to set up a payment system on the NDIA “myPlace Participant Portal.”

What if you don’t want to manage your plan by yourself?

Then the NDIA will manage your plan for you. You still have to find the providers by yourself, but you are also restricted to choosing only “registered” providers. Is that bad? It can be, because registered providers may not be in your area, and they often charge more than smaller independent providers.

Plan Management overcomes the hurdles

A plan manager is an ideal way to get the best of both worlds. You find the providers you want to work with and the plan manager pays them and does all the paperwork. You get the flexiblity of working with any provider, registered or unregistered, but without the paperwork or limitations. Simple. And it doesn’t cost you any money.

Not all plan managers are the same. We are flexible, creative and experienced in disability. We started working because of our own lived experiences with disability and can help you find answers.

Our company is one where everyone knows each other and we help find answers to whatever problems arise.

We will help you keep track of things and follow the correct processes. And the best part of all? It won’t cost you anything.

As a registered plan management provider, we will:

  • Manage your budget

  • Handle claiming

  • Keep your records up to date

  • Help you find a new service provider

  • Let you work with service providers you already know – even if they aren’t registered

  • Work with you to get the most from your budget

We are not just finance professionals, we are people professionals with years of experience directly helping people with disabilities achieve their goals. If you are looking for someone who can be your partner, help you to achieve your goals – a bit more than someone to pay the bills and keep the receipts – then get in touch

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