At The Corner - NDIS plan manager and support coordination
Navigating Disability Services, Community and Training
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Plan Management and Support Coordination

We are a community space as well as a registered NDIS service provider. Providing plan management, support coordination and training, we deliver a bespoke approach to your needs, treating you as an individual to get the most from your supports. As a community space, we provide a resource to the local community. We host the Hills Womens’ Shed, Rotaract and the CMRC.


Work with someone who gets to know you by name.

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Why We Do This

At The Corner was inspired from our own personal and lived experience with disability. That experience defines everything we do, because if it doesn’t make sense to us, then it probably wouldn’t be any good to you. .

How It Happens

Our approach is to make supports easy to understand and simpler to work with. Our philosophy is to get the admin out of your way and let you can get on with what you need to do.

With broad and detailed experience in the community sector, we help you navigate the chaos and achieve the outcomes you want. As a social enterprise, we take a personal interest in your plan, helping you use your supports innovatively. Not only are we focused on disability, we also take great pride in being good members of the communty as well.

What To Do Now

If you want to deal with an organisation that’s straight-talking and civic minded, an team who understands the challenges, and will help achieve your goals, then speak to us.

Our goal is to find ways to stop talking about disability as a thing that sets people apart and instead move the conversation to be more about people of every kind. Our thoughts, dreams, ideas, passions and potential. Why not get in touch?

As a registered NDIS service provider, we can help with:

Helping you get started! Understanding how the budget can be spent, working with your service providers and focusing it on the support you need. We are a registered service, so we can work with you even if you are NDIA managed.

Practical, hands-on training on the things that matter. Our trainers are dedicated and helpful, and here to guide you on your journey.

Putting your NDIS budget to the best use. We understand about working with people with disbility because of our own journey. We can help you finding providers you can work with, and we help you manage your funding.

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Choosing a service provider is a very personal. What’s most important is to find a provider you trust and can work with. Someone who is straight talking and whom you can form a relationship with. Someone who gets you.

We are truly independent and committed to helping you find the best supports. As a registered service with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), when you choose us, you open the doorway to accessing providers that are outside the NDIS but provide innovative and amazing services. The NDIS is an excellent idea. Let’s make it work for all of us.

If you are stuck, not knowing where to begin, then let us navigate the NDIS with you to get the most out of it. Figuring out how to help people with a disability. Don’t be a stranger to your NDIS plan any longer. Contact us. Let us be your navigator.

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At The Corner are an amazing above-and-beyond business. Their whole team are compassionate, supportive, caring and professional. At The Corner’s unique set up allows a think outside the box model, affording their clients more choice, more control, and more options. The workshops are both a great source of learning, and a chance for individuals to find and enhance their creativity, whilst learning new skills in a comfortable environment. If you are looking for a place to go to get the most out of your NDIS funding, help with understanding the ins and outs, or just want to know you will be heard and supported, I highly recommend giving At The Corner a call.
— Kylie, Betterlife Support

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